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SAP’s GTM solution, Global Trade Services (GTS), is the undisputed market leader in GTM compliance. It provides automation for the regulatory control, document generation, customs communication and duty minimization related to imports and exports to and from any country.

Implementing SAP-GTS requires a mix of business process expertise and knowledge of SAP-GTS functionality, configuration, and tools. To make your SAP-GTS implementation a resounding success, you should ensure that, in addition to having SAP implementation experience on your team, you also have to have the business process knowledge of an international trade expert. This expert will be able to ensure that your materials are classified correctly for license determination, duty calculation and reporting (something an SAP expert may not be able to do). They will also be able to guide you through regulations such as ITAR, 10+2, mandatory electronic communications with customs, etc that may impact international trade for your country and/or industry.

At Minola we have the necessary business experts and SAP implementation experience to guarantee a successful SAP GTS Implementation.

We are the only truly Irish based SAP GTS implementation company.

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