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How Does Duty Tracker Work?

1) DutyTracker tracks Inventory movements

  • DutyTracker tracks all relevant movements e.g. goods receipts/ issues, transfers, adjustments.
  • The movements tracked are the actual movements (e.g. from a production order) rather than the theoretical material (from Bill of Material)
  • The quantities tracked are the actual movement quantities (e.g. from a production order) rather than the theoretical quantity (from Bill of Material)
  • The system has visibility of sales and returns.
  • It is possible to specify a point of discharge for sub-assemblies.
  • batch / lot control supported.
  • All of the above is driven by auto mapping (configuration driven) of SAP inventory movements.
  • The appropriate customs value is automatically calculated
  • Full tracking of where material is now (quantity sensitive)
  • Full visibility of movements for auditing purposes.


2) DutyTracker complies with EU Regulations

In advance of the required Duty reports being produced, DutyTracker performs a wide range of checks to ensure compliance with the Customs regulations. Any detected breaches to these regulations must be corrected in SAP so as to avoid any un-necessary penalties being incurred.


DutyTracker can assist you in making a retrospective claim of duties relating to duty on imported material prior to the initial installation of DutyTracker.

3) DutyTracker is consistent with SAP

  • DutyTracker is an automated extension of SAP modules SD,MM and PP
  • The screen design is consistent with SAP
  • Reporting capabilities are consistent with SAP
  • The underlying technology is consistent to SAP

Manual systems are not normally consistent.

DutyTracker avoids the need to use a manual system thereby providing a consistent, procedural, validated and visible solution in an area where (1) significant savings are potentially available and (2) non-compliance penalties are an ever-present threat.

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