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How Does LookupPoint Work?

LookupPoint™ connects users to business information from within a familiar Microsoft Office environment such as Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. Through an unobtrusive and intuitive panel, LookupPoint™ displays the business information associated with an item without the need to leave the office application, log in to the business system and generate results through a searching process.

LookupPoint acts as a seamless connection between 2 vital parts of your organisation.

Minola Technology have built a LookupPoint™ Catalogue which acts as an access path between Microsoft Office products and SAP.

Minola’s catalogue of connections provides out-of-the-box displays of SAP information through Microsoft Office products. This catalogue can quickly put the right information from SAP’s rich database into the hands of the user without the need to leave their Microsoft Office application (e.g. directly from within an Excel spreadsheet). The ‘panel-pane’ structure allows for simple and intuitive data views and customisation.

Minola’s catalogue is consistent with standard SAP development methodologies and user access security.

LookupPoint™ was created by Spanish Point Technologies Ltd. Spanish Point Technologies are a Gold Certified Microsoft partner and the winners of the Microsoft Partner of the year award in 2007.

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