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Case Study – Fannin Healtcare

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When Fannin needed to streamline their customer query response times they selected LookupPoint for SAP®.
Fannin deliver cost effective, high quality medicines, devices and diagnostic products, across a broad range of disciplines. They have a portfolio of over 40,000 products, selling to hundreds of customers across the UK and Ireland. Complex and constantly changing pricing arrangements mean that customers submit high numbers of invoice queries.

The Challenge was that Customer invoice queries are often submitted in Excel or Word via email. Answering these queries requires Fannin Accounts Receivable staff to reference documents not only in SAP but also information held elsewhere, such as Proof of Delivery images, pricing contracts etc. Navigating through the different databases to collate the different pieces of information is a time consuming process. Fannin recognised that a solution that could streamline this process would deliver immediate benefits in time and money.

“What we needed was a way to simplify this process, to speed up response times to customer queries, so when we heard about LookupPoint, we knew it would do just that.” – Conor O’Shea, Head of IT, Fannin
The Solution – LookupPoint for SAP. LookupPoint is a productivity tool that enables the user to access and display business information quickly and easily from within their familiar Microsoft Office environment. LookupPoint aggregates information from multiple business systems and displays it in one easy-to-use panel within any Microsoft Office application. Using LookupPoint, the process of retrieving information is now driven from inside Excel, Word or Outlook with all the information readily available in one screen. Users simply click on the business item and LookupPoint immediately links to the related item in SAP and/or any other database used by the organisation.
“Fannin can be assured that their information is safe as LookupPoint integrates with existing security infrastructure for a single sign-on and all the assurance of built in SAP protection.” – John Corley, CTO Spanish Point Technologies.

As a result of eliminating the time wasted aggregating and retrieving customer invoice information locked in SAP and their other enterprise systems, Fannin Accounts Receivable employees can stay focused on the issues that matter. Through providing access to critical business information at the point of decision making, Fannin have enabled their employees to respond to customer queries in a fraction of the time it previously took. Fannin were able to increase their overall productivity and reduce costs at the same time.

According to Conor O’Shea, Fannin’s Head of IT “This solution didn’t need to be sold to our business users, during the demonstration workshop they could see for themselves how it would help them. While we are concentrating on rolling-out LookupPoint for the Accounts Receivable department initially, we can already see where the technology will assist in other business departments.”

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