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SAP Store

Minola Technology is both an SAP ABAP & SAP Mobile Apps Partner, working with SAP in bringing new and exciting Mobile Apps to SAP users. These new Apps – developed on SAP’s SUP platform – are being made available on SAP’s own Mobile Apps store. An in-depth knowledge of SAP combined with development skills in ABAP, Netweaver, RFC’s and Web services position us well to deliver ECC integrated Mobile Apps to meet your changing business needs.

Active Alerts

Active Alerts is an innovative support tool which proactively generates alerts on SAP application related issues. Users are made aware when important events take place and your IT team alerted if a recognised problem needs attention. This early warning system helps prevent issues becoming potentially damaging to your business. Active Alerts can help both protect and support your business on a 24 x 7 basis.

Who is it for?
Any person or group who provides support for your SAP application to ensure smooth day-to-day running for your organisation. This could include the IT manager, IT administration manager, SAP support manager, external support organisation or your project implementation manager. Of course, alerts can be sent to anyone either
inside or even outside your own organisation.

Active Alerts can work across all SAP modules and on any version of SAP which supports BASIS. It can benefit any user across all industries wherever you are located.


As an early-warning system the primary benefit is that you find out earlier (using alerts) about application issues thereby reducing any potential harm to your business.

  • Improve application support with 24 x 7 pro-active automated checking & alerting.
  • Ensure greater compliance through new and tighter automated controls.
  • Reduce both cost and effort of developing your own checks.